Stay in touch: Use these tried-and-true ways to find out your how to check bsnl number.

find out your how to check bsnl number

BSNL Number Check Codes


Details USSD Codes
BSNL data balance check *234#
BSNL last call charge details
BSNL validity check *123#
BSNL number check *8888#
BSNL voice pack information *126#
BSNL special AAj  KA offer check *124*5#
BSNL balance check number
*123# or *112#
BSNL Customer Care
1503 (Toll Free)
BSNL Customer Care (valid for other mobile operators)
1800-180-1503 (Chargeable)
Plan voucher *124#5#
Active Prepaid Plan
*102# or *124*8# or *124*5#
Check FRC on net Balance *123*4#

how to check bsnl number Via USSD Code : 

Open the Dialer: On your BSNL phone, open the dialer or phone app.

Dial the USSD Code: Press the call button and enter the USSD code *222# or *888#.

Wait for a Response: After you dial the USSD code, the system will take a few seconds to process your request.

Find out the number: Your BSNL cell number will show up on your screen as a pop-up message or a flash message. Write the number down or take a picture so you can find it again.

How to Use BSNL App :

1. Get the BSNL app and install it: Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store on your Android or iOS device and look for “BSNL App.” You can get the official BSNL app for your phone by downloading and installing it.

  1. When you open the BSNL app: Tap on the BSNL app’s button in your app drawer to open it.
  1. Log in to Your Account: If you already have a BSNL account, you can log in by entering your details (username and password). Sign up for a new account inside the app if you don’t already have one.
  1. Go to Account Information: Once you have logged in, go to the part of the BSNL app called “Account” or “Profile.” This section could be different based on how the app is laid out and what updates are made.
  1. Look up your cell phone number: Look for an option or tab in the part about your account that shows your phone number. Usually, it’s called “My Number” or “Mobile Number.”
  1. See Your BSNL Mobile Number: Tap the choice or tab that shows your cell phone number. The BSNL app should then display your phone number.
  1. Note Down or Take a Screenshot: Write down or take a screenshot of your BSNL cell number for future use.

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 how to check bsnl number Via Call Customer Care 

  • Dial BSNL Customer Care line: From your BSNL phone, call the BSNL customer service line. BSNL’s customer service line is either 1503 or 18001801503.
  1. Listen to IVR Options: When you call the customer service number, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will answer the phone. Listen to the choices on the IVR and choose the one that lets you talk to a customer service rep or ask about your mobile number.
  1. Connect with a Customer Care Executive: To connect with a customer care executive, follow the IVR steps. BSNL’s IVR system may have a different option for this choice.
  1. Once you’re connected with a customer service rep, give them the information they need to prove your identity, such as your name, registered address, or any other information they may ask for.
  1. Ask for Your Mobile Number: Tell the customer service representative that you want to know your BSNL mobile number. They will help you by giving you your cell phone number.


People Also Ask ?

Q1: How can I find out what my BSNL phone number is?

A1: You can check your BSNL cell number in more than one way. You can use USSD codes, the BSNL mobile app, call BSNL customer service, or ask a friend or family member for it.

Q2: How do I check my BSNL number using USSD?

A2: To check your BSNL cell number, you can use the USSD code *222# or *1#. If you use either of these codes on your BSNL cell phone, the screen will show your number.

Q3: Can I use the BSNL mobile app to check my BSNL number?

A3: Yes, you can use the BSNL mobile app to check your number. After logging into the app, go to the account or profile part, where your phone number will be shown.

Q4: Can I ask my friends or family to get my BSNL number for me?

A4: Yes, you can call or send a message to friends or family who have your BSNL number in their contact list and ask them to give it to you.

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