Smart ways to charge your Apple Watch when you don’t have a charger

how to charge apple watch without charge

Introduction :

  • If you own an Apple Watch, it’s likely that you’ll have to charge it often.
  • When you need an official Apple charger, you might not always be able to find one. But don’t worry—we’ll take care of you!

We’ll talk about the different ways to charge your Apple Watch and what kind of charging power flow is needed. Let’s get started!

We’ll look at how to charge an Apple Watch without a charger in this blog.

  1. USB port: If you have a USB-to-Apple Watch charging cable, you can plug it straight into a USB port on a computer or laptop. Make sure the device is turned on and that the USB port has enough power for the watch to charge. Keep in mind that using a USB port to charge may take longer than using the original charger.
  2. If you have a portable charger that works with Qi, you can try putting your Apple Watch on it: But please keep in mind that not all wireless chargers work with the Apple Watch because it needs to be charged in a certain way. So, this method isn’t a sure thing to work.
  3. Induction charging: Some people have said that induction charging has worked for them. You can try making a magnetic field with a small neodymium magnet and putting it near the charge ports on the back of the Apple Watch. This may cause the watch to charge, but it’s not a sure thing and could damage the device if it’s not done correctly.
  4. Visit an Apple Store: If none of the above methods work, you should go to an Apple Store or call Apple Support. They can help you find a good answer or send you a new charger for your Apple Watch.


But if you don’t have the charger, there is a possible fix you can try:

  • Using a magnetic cable to charge: Apple Watch is charged in a unique way that uses magnets. If you have access to an Apple Watch-compatible magnetic charge cable, you can give it a shot. Connect the magnetic end of the cable to where the charge ports are on the back of your Apple Watch. Make sure the magnets are in the right place and the link is strong. 
  •  Wireless charging pad: You can charge your Apple Watch wirelessly if you have a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. Make sure the charging pad works with the Apple Watch and meets its needs for charging.
  • Magnetic charging dock: Look for a magnetic charging dock made for the Apple Watch that is made by a third party. Most of the time, these docks have a charging wire and a magnetic spot for your watch already built in. Just put your watch on the charging dock, and it will start to charge.
  • USB wall adapter and cable: If you have a USB-to-Apple Watch charging cable, you can connect it to a USB wall adapter or any USB port on a computer, laptop, or compatible charge brick. With this method, you can charge your Apple Watch without using the original Apple Watch charger.
  • Portable power bank: If you have a portable power bank with a USB port, you can connect your Apple Watch charging cord to it and charge your watch while you’re on the go. This is especially helpful when you’re moving or don’t have access to a power outlet.
  • Car charger: If your car charger has a USB port, you can connect the charging cable for your Apple Watch to it and charge it while moving.


People Also Search ?

Is there any other way to charge an Apple Watch?

Using unapproved or unusual ways to charge your Apple Watch could hurt it or make it charge less efficiently. Use the original charger or look for a replacement, if needed, to make sure your device is safe and lasts as long as possible.

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Can I charge my Apple Watch with my phone charger?

Yes, you can use your iPhone charger to charge your Apple Watch. A magnetic charging cord, like the one used to charge the iPhone, is used to charge the Apple Watch. You can connect this cord to the USB power adapter that comes with your iPhone charger, or you can plug it straight into a USB port on your computer or any other USB power source.

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